Fraleys Specialties

We have been serving companies who sell to the government by offering packaging services for them since 1966.  Our packaging department has an excellent record of serving our customers using trained people who are devoted to performing a quality job using the best equipment and the correct procedures.  Our customers range from machine tooling companies needing wooden crates to electronic parts companies demanding static sensitive handling. We are experienced in all areas of WAWF and are set up to provide RFID marking as required by the Mil-P-129 and Mil-P-2073 specifications. We can direct bill the government for you or let you do your own billing. Packaging inspections can be performed at our location if the contract calls for it.   

Our standard method of shipping is UPS but we are able to ship by any method.  We are able to ship and receive large items by truck if needed. We can ship to depots in the USA or any location world wide.

We would be glad to issue a quote for your government contract.